Curel Itch Defense Spray Review

Curel Itch Defense Instant Soothing Moisturizing Spray

I received this product free from Influenster for testing purposes! All opinions are my own!

Here’s a little backstory, I generally have dry skin, but for some reason it gets worse when I’m asleep. I’ll wake up from scratching my legs nonstop in my sleep, which can be painful at times. I’ve tried various other lotions, even hydrocortisone cream, but it never fully takes the itching away and sometimes even cause my legs to hurt worse.

When I received this product I was skeptical about the “instant relief” claims on the bottle. The first day I received it, I woke up in the night itching. I was amazed when I sprayed the lotion onto my legs and felt instant relief. The itching was gone! I wondered how long it would last, and how soon I would be waking up again, but I didn’t.

I use this product on a daily basis now, and I’ve definitely seen a change in my legs! I’ve only woken up one itching since I started using this product (towards the start of using it). My skin is very sensitive and after shaving it usually itches as well, but I just spray this on after shaving and BOOM! itch free moisturized skin! The back of the bottle actually says “Curel moisturizers work at the source of dryness to help replenish skin’s ceramide levels, not just relieving symptoms, but actually, over time, preventing symptoms from reoccurring.” I noticed a difference before I read this on the back of the bottle.

This is definitely personal preference, but the only con I can think of is the smell. It reminds me of what orange cough syrup tastes like. The smell is completely gone after a minute though!

This product is amazing, and I give it 5 out of 5! Other than hydrating dry, itchy skin for relief, it’s allergist tested, dermatologist recommended, and has no added fragrance.

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